2021 Kitchen Design Trends

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This past year, we all realized just how much we rely on our kitchen's to be efficient, easy-to-clean, able to store more than ever, and work as meal prep, dining, zoom office call, homework area, and home entertainment center. But now we're looking at a new year and some of us might be eyeing our kitchens with the intention of improving this workhorse room's appearance. I've got some ideas for you below. Do you have your own vision for your kitchen this year?

1. The Tried + True Family Kitchen. This look is a blending of timeless, sturdy materials added throughout the years. A soothing palette of natural stone, light wood stains, clean metal surfaces, and architecturally interesting features that makes each kitchen unique.

2. Soft Colors. Never has sanitation been more on our minds than now. And that means white. But too much white only leaves us feeling sterile. So this year, you might like to bring in soft hues of blue grey or soft yellow, evoking the warmer days ahead.

3. Light Wood Cabinetry. If your kitchen still has the heavy and darker cabinets of the 90s, now may be a good opportunity to 'lighten up' by stripping that old finish off and going with a white oak look, gaining in popularity. The traditional shaker style, albeit a 'thinner' version, is also on the trend. 

4. Hands-free Appliances. Everything from lighting, to faucets, to communication and media devices are becoming 'smart.' This trend is only getting more popular. If you're planning to sell anytime soon, you should keep up with the latest smart technologies.

5. Zellige Tile. Gone are the subway tile of the decade. Taking it's place is the extra shiny handmade-looking tile that reflects more light and hides spills and fingerprints. This look should stand the test of time by not going out of style for a long time.

6. Multi-zone Areas. Even those of us who live alone can benefit from a kitchen space that does double duty from day to night. Instead of continuing to do your work at the kitchen bar from 9 to 5, see if there is a way to build a dedicated nook that would exclusively serve the needs of your work life. That way, you can more fully unplug at the end of the day.

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