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November 20, 2020

Many of my Marin County friends and clients have spent more time in their homes this year than they can ever remember. And most of us would enjoy... need...deserve – require – some low cost home improvements to will make us feel calm, peaceful, and just a little pampered. I’ve put together a list of things of these items to get your creative juices flowing! If I've missed your favorite, share your favorite little home luxury!

Fresh Flowers

Want to feel the love? Roses will do the trick. Red will enliven, yellow will make you feel warm on a cold day, white will imbue elegance and the rainbow bouquet will make everyone in the house just a little more tolerable. Tip: Safeway sells the longest lasting roses for $9.99.

Soft, Inviting Bedding

Many of us have found sleep elusive with all the outside upheavels this year. So what makes me feel pampered, safe, and snuggly? Clean sheets! And if the sheets on your bed have seen better days, consider splurging on some soft sheets or even a new down comforter. You minor splurge here could save you hours of sleepless nights.

Soft Ambient Noise

Have you only dreamed of living by the sea? Remember the sound of crickets as your parents tucked you in at night as a child? Are you nostalgic for the sound of rain on a tin roof? Or wish you could block the sound of traffic, or your partner’s snoring? Invest in a $35 sound machine.

A Visit To the French Flea Market

Unfortunately, there are few places that we can visit this year, but one place we can visit – and look forward to every month! – is our own French Flea Market. Then you can display your treasure and in future years, and smile to remember your strength, patience, and good fortune to have gotten through 2020 as well as you did.

Clean Your Cupboards

If you’ve got the time, now is as good a time as any to give yourself that feeling of accomplishment. Empty a cluttered shelf, channel your inner Maria Conde “does it spark joy?” If you have school aged children, enlist them to look for the expired date on your food items.

Buy Good Hangers

Tackle your closets next. Wire hangers can stretch and distort clothes, and often become tangled inside a wardrobe, so ditch them for decent hangers instead. Wooden designs are strong enough to support bulky garments and should last a lifetime, while hangers covered with a soft nonslip material will keep your clothes from falling off.

Plant Holiday Cyclamen

Nothing says ‘Holiday Season’ like a new bed of cyclamen at your home’s entry or your home’s window boxes. Hardy and long-lasting, these European perennials will bring you – and your neighbors – something to smile about all winter long.

Of course, if you want to take advantage of the lowest interest rates in years – GREAT! Give me a call and I can match you with the homes available in your budget. If not - that’s okay! It just means the timing is not right – right now. Building a relationship with a Realtor® is also an important step toward home ownership. I’ll be ready to help you when the time is right, and am here to answer any questions you have in the meanwhile. Tracy Curtis, Coldwell Banker Realty, 415-910-0599.

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